About Coach Aga

Fun with Volleyball

Welcome in Fun with Volleyball world. 


  • Coach Aga Coach Aga is a polish girl, who is living and working in Copenhagen International School as a Physical Education Teacher and Volleyball Coach.
  • Formal player of MKS Calisia (Poland), VK Vestjaelland (Denmark) and Brondby (Denmark).
  • Graduated The Eugeniusz Piasecki University School of Physical Education in Poznań in 2011.
  • Formal student of Gerlev Idraethojskole (Denmark)



My story is simple. Both of my parents were playing volleyball and I basically grew up in the sports hall. Everybody assumed I will be a volleyball player too, but I didn’t want to. Tried a lot of different sports and guess what. Here I am 19 years later playing and coaching volleyball.

I got inspired on ECIS Conference in London to share my knowledge about this physical education and volleyball. I hope you will like it and join me for Fun with Volleyball.

Coach Aga