Playground Games – first unit of a school year

Playground Games Unit

Everywhere in the world school year begins differently. If you are a teacher you want this moment to be nice and easy for your students. It is especially important in International School. We as teachers are trying to lower stress level connected to the new environment, school, peers, teachers. We are using different tricks – one of them is our first unit – PLAYGROUND GAMES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.      

This unit helps new students and the ones, who were at school before. We are teaching/reminding routines, talking about IB learner profile, finding connections between different countries.

Students like to play those games. They are learning by doing. Finding connections helps them to build relationships. We also noticed that they are playing games, we taught them on PE, outside the school or during the outside play.

This unit requires some research to find games from a different part of the world. We are always trying to mention where the game is coming from. Students might know those games, which is great. They notice that some of the games have the same name but different rules and some of them have the same name but different rules.

Playground Games Unit is very beneficial for students and teachers at the beginning of a school year. You as a teacher can learn new games from your students and assess:

  1. their understanding of a fair play
  2. their understanding of the difference between playground games, ball game, and team sport
  3. their understanding of being safe, responsible and respectful
  4. their understanding of rules which apply to physical education
  5. their understanding of what is important while playing a game

We are using different reflection sheets to do our assessment. The difference in format and language depends on grade level we are assessing. We are trying to give the same message to all of our students. It doesn’t matter if they are in Kindergarten or Grade 5. They have to understand the golden rule of our school: be safe, be respectful, be responsible. We think that the easiest way to teach them that is while playing games.

Playground Games Unit

Which unit is first at your school? Why did you choose this one to start? 

Share your idea here or write to me. I am looking forward to hearing from you!