Sports Day

Sports Day

It is this time of the school year when most of the students and let’s be honest teachers start to countdown days to the summer break. As a teacher you don’t start a new unit, you try to continue what you’ve started before, give kids as much free choice as possible, maybe some outside play if the weather allows. In my school, we have only 9 school days until summer break. A lot of classroom teachers are using this time for trips, art and drama teachers organize performance or art exhibition, PE teachers organize Sports Day. I tend to believe that the last one is the most popular among parents, teachers, and students.

I started to organize this event almost a month ago. Emailing parents to find volunteers, dividing students (among grade level) in different teams, making sure we have all the equipment and praying for a good weather! I was very unlucky last year and had to cancel Sports Day because of a storm. If you live in Scandinavia you know that weather here changes faster then you blink.

Sports Day

This year I was very lucky! The weather was awesome – sunscreen, hat and water bottle was necessary. Amazing parents were helping running the stations. Teachers and students wearing the right colors of their team.All of them had a lot of fun!

If you are a teacher who is looking for an inspiration for a Sports Day activities you can find them below.


  1. Basketball Goal  – Students take turns to challenge themselves to score as many goals as possible. There will be 2 goals/hoops to shoot at.
  2. Sponge Relay – Students run with sponges to a bucket full of water, fill their sponge with water, return to their empty bucket, wring out the sponge and pass it to the next person. The aim of the activity is to fill their empty bucket with as much water as possible.
  3. Obstacle Course – Students go through, under, over and around an obstacle course. The aim is to have as many turns as possible.
  4. Sack Relay – Students take turns to hop/jump in their sacks in a relay formation. The aim is to have as many turns as possible.
  5. Soccer Goal – The aim is to beat the Goalies and score as many goals as possible.
  6. Frisbee Target – The aim of this activity is to throw the Frisbee on the target and get as many points as possible.
  7. Drink Station
  8. Parachute – Play various games using the parachute. Popcorn is a game where students try to shake the popcorn/balls off the parachute as quickly as possible. Color Game is where the organizers call out a color and the students holding that color runs to the opposite side of the parachute without crashing into their friends. Boys under the Parachute while the girls shake the Parachute and girls under the Parachute while boys shake the Parachute.
  9. Balance Relay – Students take turns to run while balancing a bean bag on a bat. The aim is to have as many turns as possible.
  10. Target Ball Throw – Using tennis ball students try to throw as accurately as possible and score as many points as possible.
  11. Scooter Relay – Students take turns to ride a scooter around a slalom course dodging cones along the way. The aim is to scoot as quickly as possible and to have as many turns as possible
  12. Rocket Throw – Students take turns to throw rockets at a target, trying to score as many points as possible
  13. Hopper Relay – Students take turns to bounce on their hoppers around a cone and back. The aim is to have as many turns as possible.
  14. Drink Station


It is only my suggestion and you are more than welcome to get inspire, hate it or use all of the ideas for your Sports Day.

Coach Aga

  • Great ideas, I just have to try hopper relay :D!

    • Coach Aga

      Kids love it! I think next to the Sponge Relay was the one kids like the most 🙂

  • I love the idea of Sports Day, seems like healthy fun (especially Sponge Relay competition :P).

    • Coach Aga

      Good to hear 🙂 I’m not sure if teachers or students liked this station the most 😀

  • Agnieszka

    Nie znam angielskiego, więc nic nie wyniosłam z tego tekstu.

  • Nice idea but anyway – I had some trouble reading this post. Well, maybe your ideas will be of some use to a desperate teacher seeking for advice 😛

    • Coach Aga

      I still hope that this blog might be an inspiration for all kind of teachers. Not only desperate type 🙂

  • Great ideas. I believe students will take a great pleasure.

    • Coach Aga

      Thank you 🙂